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Tapestries hung on the wall always create a certain style statement in your home or private workplace. They not only just act as decorative pieces to hang on wall or from one corner of the room to another, but also as a boost to your mind and body, heart and soul. Now, what is Psychedelic Tapestry? Let’s get started.

What Does Psychedelic Mean?

The word Psychedelic represents an art form or visual display that takes inspiration from hallucinations or psychedelic experiences followed by consumption of the psychoactive drugs like Psilocybin or LSD. First coined by Humphrey Osmond, a British psychologist, the term is derived from the subculture of Psychedelia. The Psychedelia culture dates back to 1960s when the psychedelic music and artworks were on rising. However, as per the definition of Humphrey, Psychedelic refers to something “mind manifesting” or something that is thought to provoke.

In older days, the psychedelic art was used significantly in rock music album covers, concert posters, liquid light show etc with the trademark color patterns with kaleidoscopic swirls. The art not only remains limited to LCD hallucination based themes but also spiritual consciousness, social sentiments and more.

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If you judge the psychedelic art minutely, the striking aspects of mind’s perceptive of the unknown world and the exuberant creation of mind being liberated from the ostensibly general fetters will intrigue you. Apart from creative perceptions, alter awareness, synesthesia, hallucination, focused consciousness, hypnosis, mysticism, trance and various other altercations of mind are portrayed vividly on the psychedelic artworks.

What Are The Main Features Of Psychedelic Art?

As mentioned earlier, Psychedelic art on various tapestries deals with something related to fantasy i.e. the elements will be fantastical, surrealistic and metaphysical –something which the mind loves to see but can’t in the real world. The subject matter or the background is not compact or crisp, but lucid with perfect paisley, fractal and kaleidoscopic patterns.

The colors used in these tapestries are vivid, bright with high contrast that immediately catches attention. The styles can range from the celebrated Horror Vacui or something else with in-depth detailing. The objects and themes are morphed sometimes in form of collage. You will often see a repetition of the motifs widely used such as spirals, phosphenes, diffraction patterns, concentric circles, entopic motifs and so on.

Although in bygone days, the tapestries consisted of too much detailing without any negative space, the contemporary designs integrate perfect transposition and warping of the negative and positive spaces, sometimes even with the use of hand-lettering and typography.

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Some Common Designs Seen In The Psychedelic Wall Tapestry

From inter-galactic elements of space and galaxy to the dream-reality jungle themed tapestry with lots of vibrant flora and animals –the designs in Psychedelic Wall Tapestries are ever changing and developing. The introduction of Mandala in Tapestries with a riot of contrasting colors and minute details has always been very popular for its invoking characteristic. Same goes for the liquid color themed tapestries with neon or rainbow colors used aimlessly –this is often termed as a theme of “confusion”. The nature themed and typographical representations are also creating quite the stir in recent years.

How Can Psychedelic Art On Tapestries Help?

The vivid use of colors and patterns as details on the wall tapestries can bring a breath of fresh air in your dull colored room without many decorative pieces. The tapestries cover a significant part of the wall with a splash of high-contrast colors with can complement the other decorative elements of the room.

The tapestries can invoke spiritual senses and consciousness of the mind which will help you experience a sense of peace. The psychedelic art stimulates mental or psychic operation, the development of which can be chronic as well as in momentary acuity. It depends on your previous mental state and hence, the effects on each mind will be different from the other. It can even enhance the feelings of enlightenment, revelation, and psychosis which are newly formed.

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Many people tend to meditate in front of these Psychedelic tapestries as the colors and patterns stimulate sensory operation and create a fantastical world in mind which they long to see in the real world. The Psychedelic tapestries used in various religious or spiritual organizations are often termed as entheogens as they use psychoactive substances.