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What is a Tapestry? | Black and White Tapestry

It is an ancient art of embroidering a fabric with colorful threads. This technique is very old and was used by many people to decorate their castles and for insulation purpose in winters. The fabric used in these tapestries is very different from normal clothes. The fabrics such as jute, cotton, gold, and silk are used in the formation of these tapestries. Though the process which was used to make these tapestries was very complicated now very simplified methods are used. Earlier there were very fewer producers of these tapestries as the method was very complicated, but now these tapestries are very easily available in different shops and on different websites.

Nowadays these tapestries are used for decorating houses and offices of the people these tapestries are very attractive and pleasing to the eyes they are available in different designs and contain different types of pictures. Each and every tapestry depicts a different incident from the history.

These tapestries are portable and very durable. So it is very easy if a person wants to renovate his house he can easily find a very beautiful and attractive tapestry according to this requirement.

The Fabric | Black and White Tapestry

The fabric of tapestry is very different from that of clothes this is a very strong fabric and is made by the double weaving of the threads. It uses a set of interlaced threads the threads running parallel to the length is known as a wrap, and the thread running parallel to the width is known as weft. The old techniques used were complicated but now the warp threads are placed vertically on the looms and the weft thread is placed under and over the warp threads, the weft thread is used to obtain the pattern or the picture on the warp threads. The weft threads are loosely placed at first and then are brought close to each other there is no gap in these weft threads. These tapestries are very attractive and durable as the fabric used in them is made by the double weaving of the threads. Also, the fabric used to make these tapestries may differ according to is need of the customer but many other tapestries are also available in the market such as Indian Mandala tapestry, bohemian tapestry, blue tapestry, white and black tapestry, etc. The customer can also choose the size of the Tapestry and the design that he wants on the tapestry. If the person wants to decorate a large room then large Tapestries are available in the market, and if a small room is to be decorated then small tapestries are also available. Tapestries are not only designed for walls but can also be used in making beddings, covers, etc.

Tapestries are made of many fabrics such as cotton, silk, gold, jute, and wool. It is the choice of the customer which fabric he wants to use. If a person wants cheap tapestry then he can use cotton, jute etc. But if a person wants to increase the value of his tapestry then he can use gold threads also.

Tapestries are available in many patterns black and white tapestries are also very attractive and in demand, white and black tapestry these tapestries are made of white and black threads only and no other color threads are used in making of white and black tapestry. The white threads are placed on the looms and then the black threads are used to make patterns on them. These tapestries are very attractive and the art formed on these tapestries are related to history they are also made according to the demand of the customer.

Other tapestries such as Hippie tapestry, Bohemian tapestry are also available Bohemian tapestry are printed with many events which happened in the past or in the ancient time and these tapestries are very famous and attractive nowadays many other patterns are also being drawn on the fabrics. These tapestries bring a sense of history in the mind of the people and the Bohemian tapestry is one of those things from the past which provide people with many pieces of information about different events that happened in the past.

Uses of Tapestry | Black and White Tapestry

Although the main use of these tapestries is to decorate the house or offices of the people in ancient time and in today's time as well these tapestries are used for differently

  • The tapestries are used for decorating the house and due to their portable nature of these tapestries, it is very easy to take them from one place to another. As nowadays people are very much concerned about the look of their house and they keep on searching new and innovative designs to decorate their house.They are not only available as wall tapestry but are also available as covers, bedding etc.
  • The tapestries are also used for insulation purpose in the winters.
  • The tapestries were also used for printing emblem or quotes of arms called baldachin and were hung on the thrones for authority.

The tapestries are being used for a very long time and many of the Ancient tapestries well preserved and were found in Tarim basin. In the 14th century, this art of reached a new stage and start to expand and more people came to know about this art. France industry which was specialized in fine wool sold many wall tapestries. In the 17th century Flemish tapestries were the most popular formation they depicted events from past they were made with colourful threads and were available in many designs.

All these tapestries like a black and white tapestry, Bohemian tapestry etc. are available in various shops and on various websites as well. They look very attractive and are suitable for decorating the house and offices.